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"Mangroves are essential to our global ecosystem but especially important to us in The Bahamas. Seventy percent of marine life worldwide relies on mangroves for habitat. Mangroves provide around $2.7 trillion in ecosystem benefits around the world. They improve our water quality, stabilize our coasts and trap carbon dioxide to keep our planet healthy. They protect low-lying communities by reducing flooding and acting as natural buffers from strong waves and powerful winds during storms. The protection they provide during extreme weather events such hurricanes and tsunamis is unmatched by any man-made barrier or structure to-date.


Despite the overwhelming value mangroves provide, they are being exploited and destroyed around the world. We need to protect and preserve mangrove forests to ensure they’re here for now and tomorrow!" - BNT


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"National Parks managed by The Bahamas National Trust protect large areas of mangrove forests around the archipelago. The mangrove habitats protected in these national parks are safeguarded from development, pollution, invasive species, and other unnatural threats.

By managing and monitoring national parks, we are ensuring these mangrove forests stay healthy and can continue providing ecosystem benefits that go far beyond their boundaries. Mangrove habitats protected in national parks are vital to the environmental health of the islands where they exist." - BNT

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We depend on healthy mangrove forests for food, coastal protection, climate regulation, income and so much more.

Bahamas National Trust


"The Bahamas National Trust’s work to conserve mangroves is focused on promoting habitat recovery, building ecosystem resilience and fostering community appreciation for these at-risk ecosystems. Through innovative research and the use of nature-based solutions we hope to restore degraded mangrove forests, while creating education and outreach activities to involve local communities in our work.

The Bahamas National Trust seeks to restore coastal and mangrove areas across Abaco, Andros, and Grand Bahama; particularly those that were impacted by Hurricane Dorian and those that are adjacent to local communities. We are also working to support the creation of new national parks (in Bimini) and protected areas that preserve mangroves, and restore and build habitat resilience in existing national parks." - BNT

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We need your help to protect and restore these vital habitats for the communities that depend on them, the wildlife that call them home, and for the future of The Bahamas.
Bahamas National Trust

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Mangrove Mystery with Plum Landing on PBS Kids
Today you'll introduce your kids to PLUM LANDING and to a mangrove swamp in Belize. Start out by having kids watch Mangrove Mystery, a short video about an ecosystem that provides many places to hide from predators. Have a discussion using the related "Conversation Starters." Then, head outdoors for the hands-on activity Catch Me if you Can. If time permits, wrap up your day by completing the "Explore Some More" ideas listed with both the video and activity.

Mangrove Mystery with Plum Landing on PBS Kids >

Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World Under the Sea
Julia Rothman’s best-selling illustrated Anatomy series takes a deep dive into the wonders of the sea with Ocean Anatomy. Follow Rothman’s inquisitive mind and perceptive eye along shorelines, across the open ocean, and below the waves for an artistic exploration of the watery universe. Through her drawings, discover how the world’s oceans formed, why the sea is salty, and the forces behind oceanic phenomena such as rogue waves. Colorful anatomical profiles of sea creatures from crustacean to cetacean, surveys of seafaring vessels and lighthouses, and the impact of plastic and warming water temperatures are just part of this compendium of curiosities that will entertain and educate readers of all ages.
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"By making a donation today, you’re helping us protect mangroves in national parks, restore degraded mangrove forests, raise awareness about mangroves, and inspire local communities to get involved in mangrove conservation and restoration. The Bahamas needs healthy mangrove forests now more than ever. With your donation, you will be protecting and restoring these crucial habitats. When you make a donation, we will let you know how your gift is making an impact on mangroves. We cannot do this without your support!" - BNT

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